Working through COVID-19

Due to the rapid spread and development of COVID-19 internationally, the Camanio team is following the progress closely. The safety of our customers, employees and partners is our highest priority. We are thinking especially of the elderly since our products and services are provided for them and it is the elderly who are at a higher risk for serious consequenses of catching the virus.

To ensure the safety of all our customers we have made sure to take action at an early stage. Our products and services are available as usual and our support-line is accessible, however, we have adjusted to more digital routines and adapted our way of working. Regarding delivery of our products we only have one person handling packing and shipment, limiting any chance of spread. This person will only handle products or services when in good health. They will wear gloves at all times and will take the precaution to disinfect everything before it goes into the any packaging. This may take a bit more time and effort but we are committed to making sure customers feel safe when they receive our delivery.

Since the end of last week our employees have been working from home as much as possible; we have online meetings and to not expose ourselves to unnecessary risks we have also decided to stop all business trips to any risk areas as well as minimize private trips. When it comes to meetings we are more than happy to meet you through an online video link or through the phone during this time, we would like to avoid any physical meetings that aren't absolutely necessary.

We hope that you will all stay safe during this time and we will do everything we can to provide you with the same level of service.

Catharina Borgenstierna
CEO, Camanio Care, Inc.

For more information and guidelines on how to handle COVID-19 please have a look at World Health Organization's website.