Virtual activities is a growing trend in senior living

 As COVID-19 has changed the way we exercise and interact it is becoming more common to utilize technology to provide meaningful activities. In a study done by Senior Housing News and Philips, 45% of responders said they plan to increase their investments in virtual activities and engagement for residents during 2020 and 2021.

The BikeAround is a well-rounded virtual activity allowing the user to travel all over the world and share that experience with a group of friends or a loved one. The BikeAround offers a unique combination of physical and cognitive activation in a fun and interactive way. There are endless opportunities for using the BikeAround but two of our favorite examples are:

Gentlemen’s club: At Senior Star’s Elmore Place community in Davenport, Iowa a group of men meet once a week at the BikeAround. They all gather around, have some coffee and show each other a place that’s meaningful to them. While exercising and enjoying each other’s company the gentlemen share stories from the places they take their friends to and get to know each other better.

An opportunity to go home:  At Sagora Senior Living in Fort Worth, Texas, the BikeAround is used to redirect a resident with dementia who around 3pm everyday has a desire to go home to New Orleans. He used to get very frustrated and upset that he could not just get in his car and drive to Bourbon Street like he used to. After getting the opportunity to visit Bourbon Street on the BikeAround he had no frustration that evening. He is now using the BikeAround regularly as a proactive approach and his caregivers have seen less and less frustration and exit seeking because of it.

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