Users’ own stories about Bestic

“The assistive aid does not get frustrated if I am too slow. Sometimes you can see it on the personnel’s facial expression that they become impatient when they feed you.”

User on vacation: “…I long for home so that I can eat independently again”.

“Bestic is convenient to use. I like to eat home cooked meals with Bestic in the evening because its usually sandwiches during the day.”

“I have eaten using Bestic along with others and we think it works great, my surroundings think that it is a perfect assistive device. The perfect scenario would be if my girlfriend got a Bestic, then it would be nice to be able to eat a dinner together without having other people present.”

“It is much more convenient to eat alone than having an assistant. It is much more private, you can have private conversations about anything. It is an intimate moment”