MQi – Mealtime Quality Index consists of questions directed towards residents and staff and measures the process quality within the mealtime situation based on research, experience and Swedish as well as international guidelines for quality indications for the mealtime. MQi is an index which provides a unique possibility to know exactly how your establishment ranks and offers the management an opportunity to participate in both the residents and the staffs perspective on the mealtime.

The mealtime situation

The mealtime is a complex area, it is easy for some elements to be lacking when there are so many parts to it. The occupational therapist shall ensure that the individual is seated correctly and has access to suitable assistive devices, a dietitian can coordinate specialised meals, as many may have difficulty chewing and swallowing. Alongside all of this, the food shall still be appetizing and the dining area should be appealing. Which routines are in place to maintain these and does the staff follow them? How can the residents influence their mealtime and how do they view it?

Today MQi is most suitable for healthcare facilities but can even be adapted to home care establishments, group homes and more.


Simple to implement and complete the measurement through an iPad.

Index value

The index value reflects your establishments process quality within the mealtime.


Highlights which areas within the mealtime that the establsihment should work on and which ones are going very well.


Opportunity to compare results between staff and residents and even between departments.

Over time

The opportunity to compare the organization over time and eventually compare to other establishments.

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