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Giraff is a telepresence robot that relatives, home care and healthcare staff can use to virtually visit individuals that are still living at home despite their regular care needs. With Giraff you are using a secure network and are visiting from a distance. You can move around in their home freely and can interact with the Giraff user through its video system. The one that you are visiting can easily accept or decline a call, without any prerequisites. The one visiting through the Giraff only needs a computer with internet connection and basic computer skills. With Giraff you free up time from costly oversight visits, reducing travel time for healthcare staff and providing a feeling of security for patients and relatives.



Conducting visits through the Giraff creates more time for healthcare staff to visit patients. A lot of time is saved and can be better spent where it is needed. It will also be possible to offer more frequent care than we do today.


Getting regular visits by a familiar face or close relatives creates a calm feeling and social security for the person that is living alone. With the Giraffs big screen and mobile abilities, you can experience the presence of each other in a very real way. Together, you can move around in the home and experience each others presence. With the Giraff, the individual is given a better sense of independence.


For healthcare staff, it is safer to be able to look after their patients in short intervals without first having to travel outside in traffic. For those who choose to stay at home despite the need for care, it is comforting for them to know that they can have regular visits and that the staff and relatives can visit on a regular basis, regardless of long distances.


Using a secure network, visits are conducted remotely. The patient/user can easily accept or decline a call.


Special authorization can be given to certain individuals to enable them to visit without having to wait for the patient to respond. This can be used for night time care or in case of an emergency.


The only requirement to run the Giraff is a computer with a steady internet connection. With a height-adjustable video screen and resilient wheels it is easy to navigate in the home.

This is how Giraff works


There are many reasons to try Giraff

Increased security and independence

Improved communication

Easy to use and manage


Giraff creates value for people who work at a distance


Giraff is good for:

To continuously provide care

To be able to check in without having to physically be there and spending lots of time traveling from home to home. Frees up more time for the ones that really need physical visits from healthcare staff.

Always be there to be able to calm and sooth the person

Be able to be in place with short notice in a simple and easy way, for instance, in case of an anxiety attack or after an emergency alarm has been triggered and waiting for help.

Visit for both healthcare and social purposes

Being able to move around at the home creates the opportunity to help with things like finding lost things, ensure they comply with their medication and checking that electrical appliances are switched off. The user does not need to get up off the sofa or bed but can easily answer using the remote control.


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