Create joyous and meaningful memories with the BikeAround, the experience bike for body and mind which can take you around the world. With the BikeAround you will be able to visit places that you long for or places that you've always wanted to visit. BikeAround consists of handlebars, a pedaling unit and a software that, with the assistance of Google Street View, makes it possible for you to experience places all around the world.

Activation in real life

BikeAround makes it possible for you to experience most of the world through images captured by Google street view. The handlebars and pedaling unit capture the feeling of bicycling in real life as the user has the opportunity to experience the images in a 360 degree view and can decide for themselves when it is time to stop or to continue cycling.

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BikeAround is available in two models
suitable for all facilities

BikeAround Screen

Computer and touchpad
Pedal unit and control unit
Software StreetViz
Internet cable

*TV not included

BikeAround jDome

Laptop and computer holder
Projector and projector holder
jDome with stand
Pedal unit and control unit
Software StreetViz
Internet cable

BikeAround Publications

Senior Living Executive
February 5th, 2019

Read this wonderful article published by Senior Living Executive Magazine about Senior Stars memory care program and their brilliant use of the BikeAround.

Journal on Active Aging
November 10, 2018

Read this wonderful article published by Journal of Active Aging about the BikeAround.

White Paper Assistive Technology
August 5th, 2018

Read this white paper about assistive technology for senior adults facing cognitive impairments.


Meaningful everyday life

With BikeAround, you can visit meaningful places. Meaning, illness and disability should not be an obstacle to a meaningful everyday life.


Visiting places and memories of your past provides cognitive stimulation and that often brings the user's curiosity and emotions to life.


Increased communication between users, staff and relatives. BikeAround provides an opportunity for new areas of conversation and discussion about memories.


The will to move, get out and look around is human, however not everyone has that opportunity. BikeAround expands the possibilities of which places can be visited.


Visiting places from childhood gives access to old memories through the reminiscence method.


BikeAround is used together with a control and pedal unit. It provides the opportunity for exercise and activation through cycling.