Enjoy your meal at your own pace and on your own terms - Bestic is an assistive eating device created by and for people who have impaired function, or lack function in arms and/or hands. Being able to control your meal yourself can contribute to increased quality of life and increased well-being. Bestic is very easy to use and allows the user to decide the pace of their meal.

For an independent mealtime

Bestic is neat and compact with a unique design to fit into the table setting. When in use, Bestic has soft movements and is fairly silent.

Bestic has an adjustable arm with a spoon on the end. The movements of the arm are controlled by the user through a button that can be pressed by for instance your hand, knee, foot, chin or shoulder. With different control methods there are possibilities to change how the user steers the spoon on the plate. The height and distance of the spoon to the mouth can be set and adjusted in the menu. For safety reasons, the spoon cannot enter the mouth, instead the user needs to be able to move enough to eat off the spoon.

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Bestic is suitable for

People with difficulty lifting or using their arms/hands

With suitable steering devices Bestic can be controlled with for instance your foot, knees or shoulder.

People with uncontrollable movements/spastics

With Bestic, the spoon stops at a reasonable distance and all that is required is that the user can eat the food off the spoon.

People with the desire for more activity

Bestic counteracts passivity and makes it easier for the user to be more active during the mealtime.



Said about Bestic

"For the past twenty-six years I have never eaten a meal on my own. I was always fed every single thing that went into my mouth. Bestic has changed my life. For the first time I can eat on my own. Not only that, I can eat at the pace I want and can eat at times that I couldn't before. But I realized its real power when I sat down to eat with my family and could relax and talk to them during dinner, it was the first time I felt like a real person eating at the table with everyone else. I ate when I wanted and talked when I wanted and after a while no one really notices the machine. It has given me more independence and that is a big deal. I would recommend Bestic to anyone who can hit a switch."
Anthony, cerebral palsy



Bestic product facts

Size in travel case: height - 13.4", width - 8.7"' depth - 7.9"
Running time with battery: approximately 5 hours
Inputs: USB and 3.5 mm jack plug
Set spoon height and depth specifically to the users needs
Bestic is an FDA-registered Medical device Class 1
Weight: 4.4 lbs