New challenges require new solutions

The population is ageing. Life expectancy in countries such as Sweden is increasing, and according to Statistics Sweden, a million people are estimated to be over 80 years old in the nation by 2045. As the population grows older, the need for healthcare grows. This means that society is facing a major challenge for all people to receive the care they need and are entitled to.

Remote digital care visits

All people really want is to be independent, involved, active and safe. Many elderly want greater independence and the ability to cope with everyday life without support from their surroundings. With digital care, more people can receive the opportunity to stay home without feeling alone, anxious or losing contact with their relatives.

Digital surveillance is an innovative and cost effective way to meet the growing need for healthcare. Virtual visits ensure good care, whilst simultaneously freeing up time and resources for healthcare professionals. For care recipients, it means greater home security and a higher well-being.

The introduction of digital care is necessary, cost-effective and security-building. It is also a way to make work in the elderly care sector more attractive, especially amongst younger people beginning their careers.


Social contact is important for human wellbeing. Many elderly experience loneliness and anxiety. The Swedish National Board of Health reports that as many as 58 percent of the elderly suffer from loneliness. Keeping a close relationship with both healthcare professionals and relatives provides social context that can lead to less loneliness and isolation in the home. Digital care releases valuable time that can be used to ensure elderly social health.

Cost efficiency

Regular visits are a great comfort to many older people living at home. Digital care frees up a lot of time for healthcare professionals who carry out home visits with care recipients. Reduced transport times means considerable savings in time, which instead allows the resident to be able to receive an increased quality of care.


As the population grows older, the need for healthcare grows as well. To meet the demands it requires more and more people to become involved in healthcare. It is a challenge that requires new solutions and working methods. In order to ensure that elderly in the future can meet the growing need, it is necessary to introduce digital care solutions that ensure that more people receive the care they are entitled to.


Digital care visits take place on the resident's own terms, for greater independence in the home.

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"This digital telepresence tool is a must! When time is too short to cover all visits, some can be made virtually to ensure high quality in the real one-to-one meetings. It’s a great way of increasing quality of life, both for healthcare staff and their customers”

Linda Björk
Digital Care Product Manager, Camanio Care