Catharina Borgenstierna – CEO (since November 2016)

Catharina Borgenstierna - MSc Economics, Medical Engineering from Stockholm University, Executive MBA from Stockholm School of Economics. Catharina has over 20 years of experience of marketing, sales and management positions within medical technology and telecommunications. For example, Catharina has worked within the Getinge Group at Maquet Critical Care and at Siemens. At various points in her career, Catharina has been responsible for successful taking projects from concept to international launch, with subsequent sales and support. She has led teams and organizations of varying sizes with considerable success.

Niclas Lilja - Chairman of the Board (since June 2019; Board Member since February 2019)

Niclas Lilja has an MSC in Business and Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics and a bachelor’s degree from Stockholm University. Niclas has a background as head of communications, investor and advisor to growth companies. He was one of the first to be employed at 3 in the Nordics and has also been CCO at OMX, Neonet and Qliro Group. In addition, he has also had a research fellowship at Stanford University. For the last few years, Niclas has been the chairman of Propel Capital, which has financed over 100 start-up companies in Stockholm.

Petra Kaur – Board Member (since November 2016)

Petra Kaur - MSc Biology from Umeå University, research into pharmacology at the Karolinska Institute. Petra has long experience of leading roles within sales and marketing in companies operating in the pharmaceuticals market, including Astra Zeneca and Sanofi, and within advertising and digital strategy firms such as Nightingale, Ogilvy/INGO and Great Clearity. Petra has worked as a communication and marketing strategy consultant since 2013.


Johanna Rastad - Board Member (since April 2018)

Johanna Rastad has a MSc. in Business and Economy and has worked on the financial market for several years, both with an investment bank in London and with the investment companies Procuritas and BC Partners. Johanna currently works as a business development manager at Humana. She has substantial operative experience from the health care sector, for instance from senior positions at Kry and Team Olivia Group. 


Marianne Ramel - Board Member (since February 2019)

Marianne has a Swedish Master of Laws from Lund University and an English law degree from College of Law in London. In Lund she also did extensive studies in Mandarin. She continued her Mandarin studies in Beijing and at Middlebury College, USA.

Marianne had a fellowship at the Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS) in Beijing and also at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute in Lund. Her interest in human rights also led her to work with the United Nations Centre for Human Rights in New York. Marianne is a partner at the international law firm DLA Piper Sweden and is the head of the firm's China desk in Sweden. Marianne has also practiced as a lawyer in the City of London and in Beijing for over 16 years before returning to Sweden in 2012.