Developer for innovative software within welfare technology

About the assignment

Camanio is looking for a software developer to join us as a consultant for an initial assignment of 3 months. The assignment will focus on the software development of BikeAround, an innovative product that uses Google Street View paired with a steering and pedal unit to enable seniors to visit places all over the world. The solution was developed as a desktop application made in C ++ with unused open GL for management of graphics.

The integration with Google street view is one of the main elements of the application. Images and nodes are continuously retrieved from Google Street View which in turn is used to create the immersion, and 3D view, that the users experience. Google Street View is a JavaScript Service.

The assignment includes development of a new application that can manage technical updates from Google, as well as improving features according to customer feedback. It is also important that the new application can facilitate further development and management of the solution.

Embedded JavaScrip
The solution often needs to run in KIOSK mode on Windows (alternatively Linux). Therefore the application needs to be able to run as a startup, with given parameters and settings without user interaction. Part of the solution requires JavaScript handling, i.e. Google Street View. This should be embedded in the application and not openly available script.

Remote Management
The application needs to support remote management for support purposes. This includes installation, configuration and testing.

User licenses
As BikeAround is sold on a license basis, the solution needs to be able to manage licenses, users and acquirement of statistics.

For this assignment you will report to CTO or product owner.

Resource needed
  • Senior full stack FTE
Competence requirements
  • Desktop applications (start from desktop or web application, however browser less)
  • JavaScript (embedded)
  • Technology stack: Either .net #C or Java developer
  • Experienced in end-to-end solutions
Experience and personality
  • Accustomed to working in Azure DevOps or JIRA
  • Preferably experience from the gaming industry
  • Preferably experience from 3D engines to be able to provide suggestions after analysis (ex. Unity etc)
  • Good ability to understand and translate requirements into function
  • Self-going

This project does not have a pre-selected technology stack or framework, it is free to suggest as part of the analysis work.


Start: as soon as possible
Duration: 3 months full time to start with.

For this assignment you will report to CTO or product owner.

How to apply
Send in your application to Please Include:

  • Resume
  • Contact information
  • Label the email: Developer for BikeAround software

We evaluate applications continuously.

More about BikeAround

BikeAround was developed as a solution primarily for seniors and people with dementia. The  innovative product combines the physical activity of biking with viewing images from Google street view, enabling the user to visit places all over the world or familiar surroundings from their home town. The steering and pedaling unit creates the feeling of cycling and the user can decide for themselves when it's time to stop or continue biking.

BikeAround is available in two different versions: the BikeAround jDome and BikeAround screen.

  • BikeAround jDome uses a rear projector and a "curved" projector screen to display pictures, as well as a steering unit and pedal unit with sensors.
  • BikeAround Screen uses a large screen to display images, as well as a steering unit and pedal unit with sensors. 


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