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Welfare technology

More information about the products that we have previously offered can be found below. We still offer support and service for the products Giraff and Bestic.


BikeAround is the experience bike that makes it possible to bike all around the world and motivates physical activity. BikeAround includes a stationary bicycle unit and a software that makes it possible to discover different places using Google Street view.


BikeAround is owned and developed by our sister company Hepro. All contact regarding pricing, order and support goes directly through Hepro.


For more information about BikeAround and purchase requests please contact our sister company Hepro. Read more on their website.

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Service and Support

For new requests regarding service and support please contact our sister company Hepro. Send your request to:






Bestic is no longer available for purchase.


Support and Service

For support and service of a Bestic device please contact:




Bild på äthjälpmedlet Bestic

Enjoy the meal at your own pace and on your own terms. Bestic is an eating aid created by and for people with reduced of loss of function in arms or hands. To be able to retain control over the mealtime can contribute to increased quality of life and increased wellbeing.




Giraff is a telepresence robot that relatives, home care and healthcare staff can use to virtually visit individuals that are still living at home despite their regular care needs. With Giraff you free up time from costly oversight visits, reducing travel time for healthcare staff and providing a feeling of security for patients and relatives.





Giraff is owned and managed by EMAC s.r.l based in Italy. For product information or purchase requests please contact EMAC directly at

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