From the gaming world to becoming an assistive device in health care – how did that happen?

jDomes creator, John Nilsson, an entrepreneur and devoted gamer chased an even greater gaming experience. He wondered: What would happen if you had a screen that increased the visual experience of the game – a panorama view? Wouldn’t that be more realistic and fun? Said and done, John started to develop the screen that he wanted to use himself. He set it up as a projector screen in front of the home movie projector and stood up whilst playing. It struck him that it could be a clever approach to being inactive, but he could not imagine that jDome’s current target group would be the ones that caused the product to take effect.

Inventions can sometimes go their own way and this is what happened with jDome. John came in contact with Hälsoteknikcentrum in Halland (Sweden) and Institutet for Fysio- og Ergoterapi, Tecna Science, Metropol in Copenhagen (Denmark) as well as healthcare staff working with dementia and that is when it took off. The collaboration led to jDome developing into an instrument that can be helpful for dementia and stroke patients in need of both physical and cognitive training.

This solution worked well in the dementia departments as well as in somatic departments for wellness purposes. It did not take long before jDome was implemented in several establishments in the country. The next major step was taken in 2015 when Brighter acquired the company behind jDome as an effort to expand their offer with more solutions that contribute to improving the treatment and quality of daily life.

jDome is a fantastic instrument with huge potential for development, especially in combination with new services and products, we see many new potential markets and applications to explore.