Products that increase availability and quality within care

Camanio Care develops innovative solutions for digital home care. Our goal is to provide dignity for the individual and efficiency for the care organisation. We are convinced that more and more care will take place in the home. An important piece of the puzzle to solve future challenges is therefore new, smart and dignified technology. Follow us into the future!


BikeAround is the experience bike that makes it possible to bike all around the world and motivates physical activity. BikeAround includes a stationary bicycle unit and a software that makes it possible to discover different places using Google Street view.

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Bild på äthjälpmedlet Bestic


Enjoy the meal at your own pace and on your own terms. Bestic is an eating aid created by and for people with reduced of loss of function in arms or hands. To be able to retain control over the mealtime can contribute to increased quality of life and increased wellbeing.

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Giraff is a telepresence robot that relatives, home care and healthcare staff can use to virtually visit individuals that are still living at home despite their regular care needs. With Giraff you free up time from costly oversight visits, reducing travel time for healthcare staff and providing a feeling of security for patients and relatives.

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Digital Therapy pets

Digital therapy pets can be used as an aid for people with dementia or cognitive disability. Therapy pets can provide safety and have a calming effect, as well as being a tool for increased interaction and communication with care staff and relatives.

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MQi – Mealtime Quality Index measures the process quality within the mealtime situation for a nursing home. The measurement consists of questions directed towards caregivers and residents and is avaliable through an app for iPad.

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"By offering robotics, digital tools and smart technology we can in an effective way deliver medical care with high quality to those who need it."

Catharina Borgenstierna
CEO, Camanio Care




Future proof

The health care industry is facing large challenges with significant demographic change and decreased availability of health care staff. With digital solutions can we facilitate staff and relatives while providing safety and dignity for the individual.


To ensure that health care can meet the growing demands, it is necessary to implement digital care solutions that guarantee that a larger number of people have access to health care and that the staff are able to do their job.

Quality of life

Digital health care and social care liberates valuable time which can be used to ensure health and wellbeing of patients and elderly. To have a continous contact with care staff and relatives provides a social context that can lead to decreased loneliness and isolation in the home.

Cost efficiency

With digital solutions and products, health care can shift from the hospital to the home. This frees up time and money which instead can be used in the best way; more time with patients and a better work environment for care staff.

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