MQi - consists of questions directed to residents and caregivers, that measures process quality within the mealtime situation for a nursing home. The questions are based on research, experiences and guidelines. MQi gives a unique possibility to discover how your organisation is faring when it comes to the mealtime situation, as well as providing head of staff the possibility to obtain insight into both the residents and the staff perspective on the mealtime situation.


The measurement is available through an app for iPad.

Index number

An index number which reflects the process quality of the organisation within the meal time situation.


MQi illustrates which areas within the mealtime situation that the organisation should improve and which are already working.


Possibility to compare answers between staff and residents and between units at the nursing home.


Possibility to compare the organisation over time and, over a longer period of time, compare to other organisations.

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Mealtime situation

The mealtime situation is a complex area, and it can be difficult to take all aspects into account when a number of people are involved. The occupational therapists should ensure that the residents are seated in a proper position and has access to the right type of aids, a dietitian can prescribe special diets while some residents can have trouble eating, chewing and swallowing. In all of this the food should look appetizing and the mealtime environment should be pleasant. Are there routines for the mealtime situation and are they adhered to by the care staff? How do the residents view their mealtime and what can they do to affect it?

Today MQi is best suited for nursing and care homes, but can also be adapted to home care organisations.

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