Giraff is a telepresence robot that relatives, home care and healthcare staff can use to virtually visit individuals that are still living at home despite their regular care needs. With Giraff it is possible for the caregiver to move around freely in the home and interact with the patient using the video system. The patient can easily accept or decline a call, without any prerequisites. With Giraff it is possible to free up time from costly oversight visits, reduce travel time for healthcare staff and provide a feeling of security for patients and relatives.



With Giraff, digital visits to patients can be made remotely which saves both cost and travel time for care staff. With digital visits it is also possible to offer more frequent visits.


With the Giraffs video system, digital visits are made which can contribute to calm and social security. With regular visits a patient that lives at home can experience a new kind of independence with the support of care staff using the Giraff.


With digital visits, care givers can conduct regular visits with short intervals. This creates safety for both patient and relatives.


With a secure network visits can be conducted remotely and digitally by care staff. The patient can easily accept or decline a call, without any prerequisites.


Special authorization can be given to individuals for permission to use the Giraff without having to wait for a response from the patient. The function can be used for example at night or in the event of an emergency alarm.


To control the Giraff, a laptop with network connection is required. With a video screen that can be adjusted to two different heights; standing or sitting, and durable wheels it is easy to navigate in the home.


Digital care in the home with Giraff

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Digital care in the home

Giraff provides the possibility for increased security and independence in the home. The system is easy to use and administrate which creates a user friendly experience for care staff as well as patients.

To continuously provide care

To be able to check in without having to physically be there and spending lots of time traveling from home to home. Frees up more time for the ones that really need physical visits from healthcare staff.

Create a feeling of peace and calm

Be able to be in place with short notice in a simple and easy way, for instance, in case of an anxiety attack or after an emergency alarm has been triggered and waiting for help.

Visit for both healthcare and social purposes

Being able to move around at the home creates the opportunity to help with things like finding lost things, ensure they comply with their medication and checking that electrical appliances are switched off. The user does not need to get up off the sofa or bed but can easily answer using the remote control.



EU projects

Flexible platform for development

The Giraff unit for mobile telepresence communication is a powerful open platform which supports third party applications which works parallel or integrated with the Giraff system. We also offer API and plug-in support for third party applications.

Project support

Giraff support processes are specifically designed for project participation. Based on demand we can give direct access to our operative support and development systems, as well as offer support for modified source code. The comprehensive documentation on Giraff covers all aspects of the business.


Giraff is a commercial service which supports real people in their home together with their care givers. What Giraff can bring to a development partnership is extensive practical experience, user acess, as well as regional, national and multinational project experience.

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