Digital therapy pets are an alternative to using living pets within dementia care. The therapy pets can be used as an aid for people with dementia or intellectual disabilities. The aim for digital therapy pets is to enrich daily life through increased mental, physical and social well-being. The pets can provide comfort and security, and be used as a tool for increased interaction and communication between the user, their relatives and the care staff.

An alternative to living pets

A digital therapy pet can provide increased quality of life, if it is not possible to include living pets in the home or at the place of care.

Provides opportunity for interaction and communication

Therapy pets creates opportunity for conversation and stimulate interaction between elderly, relatives and care staff.

Designed based on results from clinic research

as well as continuous insights from elderly and their loved ones.

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Useful aids

Digital therapy pets can contribute to counter unwanted symptoms of dementia such as worry, apathy, insomnia and anxiety. Spending time with the therapy pets creates a person centered experience that improves the quality of life for people with dementia. Research shows that sessions of 15-30 minutes with digital therapy pets can be enough to create a positive effect.

The digital therapy cats are available in four colors: Black and white, Red, grey and cream white.
The digital therapy dog is available in light brown.

*The digital therapy pets cannot be washed. Simply use a cloth to wipe them off.

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The therapy pets has realistic fur and authentic sound. Use the included brush to clean the fur. The therapy pets cannot be washed.


Built in sensors respond to touch and movement.
Vibrapurr - The therapy cat has a realistic purr that can be felt through the body,
Barkback - The therapy dog perceives voices and responds.
Hjärtslag - Feel the therapy dogs soothing heartbeats.


Therapy cat: 1.2 Kg, 12 cm height

Therapy dog: 1.3 Kg, 20 cm height

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