Create joy and activity with BikeAround – the experience bike that takes you around the world. With BikeAround it is possible to visit places that you long to see again or places that you have always wanted to visit. BikeAround consists of a stationary bicycle unit and a software, that using Google Street view, makes it possible to discover places all around the world.


Meaningful activity

With BikeAround it's possible to visit places from your memories. Sickness and disability should not prevent elderly from having a meaningful everyday life.


To revisit places and memories from the past gives cognitive stimulation that often brings life to the curiosity and feelings of the user.


Increased communication between users, staff and relatives. BikeAround provides opportunity for new areas of conversation and discussion about memories.


The urge to move, get out and explore is human, but not everyone has the possibility to go out on a regular basis. With BikeAround it is possible to visit distant places from all over the world.


By visiting your childhood home or other significant places, memories can be accessed through reminiscence therapy.


BikeAround is used together with a bicycle unit. This creates opportunity for exercise and activation through biking.

Create an interactive experience
that motivates activity

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Activity in every day life

With BikeAround it is possible to experience places all over the world through images captured with Google Street view. The bicycle unit creates an authentic experience of biking as the user has the possibility to experience the images in a 360 degree view. The user can also decide when it is time to start, stop or turn around.

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The joy in remembering

BikeAround creates joy by bringing the user back to well known places, that might otherwise be difficult to visit. It creates opportunity for conversation, stimulates curiosity and incorporates fun in everyday.

Safe & secure

BikeAround offers a safe and secure way to exercise both body and mind in well known environments. The user sits in a chair and bikes using a stationary bicycle unit. It is also possible for staff or relatives to control BikeAround using the software.

Easy & fun

The stationary bicycle unit is used much like a regular bike, with the possibility to set the resistance for increased physical activity. When using BikeAround it is possible for relatives, together with the user, to discover places and relive old memories.

Adaptable aid

BikeAround is an adaptable aid that can be adjusted to the users needs. BikeAround is best used together with staff or relatives to stimulate and encourage conversation. When used in a group setting it is possible to share old memories with each other or to discover new places around the world together. The level of physical exercise can be adapted to suit the individual, either by staff or relatives biking or by controlling BikeAround using the software directly.

Cognitive disabilities

BikeAround can be used for habilitation and in a care home facility where the communicative, motorical and sensory stimulation can be used to offer experiences with are safe, repeatable and adaptable.




Physical disabilities

BikeAround is easy to use and can be adapted to the needs of the individual. BikeAround is used with a stationary bicycle unit while the user is sitting in a chair. BikeAround can also be controlled directly through the software deciding the direction, speed and angle.




Memory loss

BikeAround lets the user take charge as to what will happen during the bike ride. This can bring joy and meaning to the training of visualization, capacity for abstraction as well as interaction with others.




BikeAround™ is now available in two different models

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BikeAround™ Screen package deal

Computer and touchpad

Bicycle unit


Software StreetViz

Network cable



Product images

BikeAround™ jDome package deal

jDome with stand

Bicycle unit



Software StreetViz

Network cable

Transport bag

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