Enjoy your meal on your own terms

To be fed by another person can be problematic in several ways:


The person feeding you must be empathetic and able to adjust to each individual pace.


To be fed can be experienced as something very intimate. Even small children usually want to decide what to eat and when.


Some may experience less dignity as they may not feel equal to other people around the dining table from a social perspective.


It can be difficult to participate in conversations and integrate with others whilst being fed. There are fewer opportunities for private conversations during dinner with for instance friends or a partner, as an assistant is always present.


Some people are able to eat independently, but they use so much energy that they are unable to participate in any other activities.

Difficulties eating

To be fed can sometimes make it difficult swallowing depending on pace and feeding method.

There are many reasons for trying Bestic

Improve your quality of life and well-being

Facilitate communication

Easy to clean and handle


Quick start guide

Bestic is suitable for...

...people with difficulties lifting or using their arms/hands.

Do you get exhausted when using your arms during a meal?

...people with big uncontrollable movements/spastics

Are you able to eat food from a spoon that is “parked” in front of your mouth?

...people who want to increase their activity level

Missing or lacking energy to eat a full meal?

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Product facts:

Size in travel case: height - 13.4", width - 8.7", depth - 7.9"

Running time with battery: approximately 5 hours.

Inputs: USB and 3.5 mm jack plug.

Possibility to set spoon height and depth depending on the user's seating position.

Bestic is an FDA-registered Medical device Class I.

Bestic is certified and CE-marked as a Class I device for the EU.

Weight: 4.4 lbs

“Bestic is convenient to use. I like to eat home cooked meals with Bestic in the evening because it's usually sandwiches during the day.”

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