Panel of experts

Camanio Care's panel of experts consists of advisors who has been working with welfare technology and innovative solutions for a long period of time. Together with our advisors we develop smart solutions for digital home care.

Anne-Christine Hertz

Senior advisor

With a degree in biomechanical engineering, Anne-Christine Hertz has extensive experience of combining technology with healthcare. Anne-Christine Hertz is the creator of BikeAround, an experience bike that combines Google Street view with a stationary bicycle unit. Today she is active at Health Technology Center in Halland, Sweden. Anne-Christine has knowledge in project management, anatomy, fysiology, development and design. As a senior advisor at Camanio she takes part in development work, hold lectures and acts as an advisor in product development.

I have always viewed digitization and technology as a catalyst to open up the world not just to the tech savvy, but also to the elderly, who often live in digital exclusion. BikeAround was one way that we found of doing this, but that is only one example. The possibilities are so much larger and if we just release our imagination, we can accomplish so many more exciting things.

Anne-Christine Hertz