Everyone has the right to live with integrity, safety and quality of life.

Since the start in 2016 we at Camanio have worked with technical innovation and digitalization to improve and future proof health care.

As our elderly population is both growing and getting older there is an increasing need for high quality care and smart solutions. Camanio’s services are not only meeting the need for high-quality care but also improving the care experience for everyone.

With tech solutions built on data-driven insights, we’re enabling flexible and proactive care with the users in mind, no matter if they are the person in need of care, family, caregivers or decision-makers.

– We call this Tech that cares –

Digital solutions for care

Health Care

Camanio Health

With Camanio Health we offer remote patient monitoring for quality digital care.

Elderly Care

Camanio Care

Camanio Care is an innovative care platform for management of digital services and welfare technology within elderly care.


         Camanio Health

Complete solution and service for all types of health challenges

         Camanio Health IBD Home

Camanio Health adapted for patients with IBD

         Camanio Health Mödravård

Camanio Health adapted for maternity care


         Camanio Hemma

Service for management of stationary care alarms, alarm management and welfare technology in the home.


“The dream is to have one or a few platforms with integrated systems – it makes it easier to obtain information no matter the tech that you have”

Michael Foisack, Utvecklingsledare
Tomelilla municipality, Sweden

We develop innovative technology with the individual in mind

With digital care in the home more people will have the option to live in a safe environment while care givers have access to efficient tools allowing more time for contact with the patient.

Camanio develops innovative digital services that contributes with integrity, safety and quality of life for everybody involved in the care, no matter if they are the person in need of care, family, caregivers or decision-makers.