This is how Drinc works

Drinc is a simple and clever solution for people that have difficulties lifting a cup or a glass to the mouth. Drinc can for instance ease and assist people with difficulties to sit correctly at a table, such as elderly, people with arthritis, neurological diagnoses and back- and neck injuries.

  Drinc floor Drinc Chair / Bed Drinc table
Artnr. D1000 D1001 D1002
Max weight of cupholder 500 g. 400 g. 500 g.
Cup/Glass size 5,3 – 7,5 cm x 5,3 – 7,5 cm x 5,3 – 7,5 cm x
Height 72 - 89 cm (adjustable-height) - -
  26 cm.  44cm  46cm
Total lenght     From table to cup: 50 cm.
Flexibel lenght 26 cm flexible arm   44 cm flexible arm
Stand 46 x 30 cm    
Table thickness     4,8 cm

Benefits with Drinc


  • Effective: Bring the cup from the table
  • No need to lean forward
  • Place the straw near the mouth for not requiring much suction power
  • Silicon cap that avoids spillage if you happen to bump into it


  • No batteries needed
  • Easy to place
  • A visible reminder to drinc


  • You can use your own glass or mug, it is open on the sides of the mug has a handle
  • Adjustable height. Raise or lower the height yourself.
  • Adjust the arm to a comfortable position